Friday, 13 November 2015

Royal Dinner Party Menu Inspiration

Planning a royal inspired dinner party? Feeling uninspired on what to cook? Well look no further because we have compiled a menu that we think would be perfect for the event. These classic British dishes have been given a patriotic twist and are truly fit for kings and queens!

Starter - Scotch egg / Pea and rocket soup

Quintessentially British, scotch eggs are great for a starter as they're not too filling. We suggest giving two per guest and serving them with a variety of dipping sauces like mustard, bois boudran and ranch dressing. For vegetarians, a classic pea soup is a great choice. This particular recipe can be served either hot or chilled and is garnished with natural yoghurt and pesto - yum!

Get the full recipes here: Scotch egg / Garden pea and rocket soup

Main course - Posh fish & chips / Courgette fritters

The national dish of Great Britain, we had to include fish and chips in this menu, but this particular recipe takes the traditional staple to new heights. The fish is sprinkled with a crumb made with lemon zest, parmesan and basil, and is cooked with a delicious butter, olive oil and lemon juice sauce. The chunky-cut chips are baked with olive oil, salt and pepper. So simple to make and it will surely impress all of your guests! For vegetarians, just simply replace the fish with courgette fritters. Just as delicious, they are made by frying courgettes in batter so you get the same crispy texture as the fish.

Get the full recipes here: Posh fish & chips / Courgette fritters

Dessert - Union Jack fondant fancies / Crown layered pavlova

What royal party would be complete without a stunning desert. If your looking for a little treat to end the meal with, we suggest these adorable Union Jack fondant fancies. Or if it's a gorgeous centrepiece you want, dazzle your guests with a crown layered pavlova.

Get the full recipes here: Union Jack fondant fancies / Crown layered pavlova

If you get a change to try one of these out, let us know what you think!

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